Frequently Asked Questions

Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM

  1. What is MAVI?
    • MAVI is an acronym for -Modular Algorithms for Volume Images-
    • MAVI is a software tool for processing, analyzing and visualizing 3D image data.
    • MAVI's focus is on quantitative analysis of materials microstructures.
  2. What kind of image data can be analyzed with MAVI?
    • MAVI is designed for 3D image data given as scalar voxel/pixel gray values on a cuboidal grid as generated e.g. by micro-computed tomography or FIB-tomography.
  3. Is MAVI restricted to volume images?
    • No, MAVI can be used for 2D images as well. This makes sense in particular for 2D images of materials microstructures.
  4. How can I try whether MAVI works for my data?
    • MAVI's demo version (LINK) is fully functional, it just forces you to cut a 128³ pixel sub-volume out off your data.
    • Test licenses are available on request.
  5. Do I have to convert my data into a special format to load them into MAVI?
    • MAVI supports a couple of 3D image formats (e.g. avs .fld/.rec, Fraunhofer .rek, 3D .tiff), additionally
    • MAVI's import functions for image stacks and raw volumes allow you to input nearly every data format complying with 2. except for some compressed .tiff files.
  6. What hardware does MAVI require?
    • Thanks to the multi-document-interface, every step in MAVI is easily
      reproducable. However, it makes MAVI very memory hungry, too. Depending on the size of the datasets to be analyzed we recommend
      * current quadcore processor with
      * at least 32 GB RAM
      * the more RAM the larger images can be processed and the more images can be opened simultanously
      * 1 TB hard disk
    • MAVI's volume rendering relies on modern high end graphics cards with
      adequate memory. We recommend
      * current nVidia Quadro Chipset with at least 2 GB video memory
    • USB port for the license managing dongle
  7. Which operating systems is MAVI available for?
    • MAVI is currently available for MS Windows XP 64, OpenSuSE 11.2 32/64 and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 32/64, further OS on request.
  8. Which kinds of licenses exist for MAVI?
    • There are standard licenses and educational licenses.
    • Licenses are single-user, floating, unlimited, and controled by an usb dongle.
    • Yearly renewable educational licenses are available at a fractional price of the regular license.
  9. Which support can be offered by the ITWM?
    • E-mail and phone support for the 1st year are included in the license. A service contract for free support and updates from the 2nd year on can be offered.
    • Support for specific algorithms and extensions can be offered separately.
    • A one-day on-site training based on user image data is highly recommended.
  10. Is MAVI still developed?
    • MAVI has been on the market since 2005.
    • There are continuous updates including new features and enhancements.
  11. Are updates and enhancements included in the package, or are there additional costs?
    • Updates and enhancements up to version 2.0 are included.
  12. MAVI does in general fit my needs but I miss a particular feature/algorithm. What can I do?
    • Customized additional modules can be designed and integrated into MAVI on request.