Selected Publications by MAVI Users

Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM

  • M. Dadkhah, E. Tsotsas:
    Influence of process variables on internal particle structure in spray fluidized bed agglomeration.
    Powder Technology, Volume 258, May 2014, Pages 165-173
  • Claudia Voigt, Eva Jäckel, Christos G. Aneziris, Jana Hubálková:
    Investigations of reticulated porous alumina foam ceramics based on different coating techniques with the aid of μCT and statistical characteristics.
    Ceramics International, Volume 39, Issue 3, April 2013, Pages 2415-2422
  • J. Lautensack, A. Rack, C. Redenbach, S. Zabler, H. Fischer, H.-G. Gräber (2013):
    In situ demineralisation of human enamel studied by synchrotron-based X-ray microtomography - A pilot-study.
    Micron. 44, 404-409.
  • A. Liebscher, C. Proppe, C. Redenbach, D. Schwarzer (2013):
    Stochastic Multiscale Modeling of Metal Foams.
    Procedia IUTAM. 6, 87-96.
  • C. Redenbach, R. Ohser-Wiedemann, R. Löffler, T. Bernthaler and A. Nagel
    Characterization of Powders using Micro Computed Tomography.
    Particle & Particle Systems Characterization. 28, (1-2), 3-12.
  • W. Maysenhölder, M. Heggli, X. Zhou, T. Zhang, E. Frei, M. Schneebeli: Microstructure and sound absorption of snow. In: Cold Regions Science and Technology, Volumes 83-84, Dezember 2012
  • M. J. Lehmann, S. Pfannkuch:
    A study into representative domain size for microstructure simulations
    of oil filter media and the modelling of non-spherical particles.
    F&S Filtration and Separation 2013.
  • M. W. Hörhold, M. R. Albert, J. Freitag:
    The Impact of Accumulation Rate on Anisotropy and Air Permeability of Polar Firn at a High-Accumulation Site.
    Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 55, Nr. 192, 2009.
  • W. Maysenhölder:
    Sound Absorption of Snow: Theoretical Modeling Based on X-RAY Micro-Tomography and Integral Geometric Measures.
    Noise and Vibration: Emerging Methods, NOVEM 2009, Oxford, April 2009.
  • A. Rack et al.:
    Analysis of Spatial Cross-Correlations in Multi-Constituent Volume Data.
    Journal of Microscopy, Volume 232, Nr. 2, Seite 282-292, 2008.
  • S. Zabler et al.:
    High-Resolution Tomography of Cracks, Voids and Micro-structure in Greywacke and Limestone.
    Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 30, Ausgabe 7, Seite 876-887, Juli 2008.
  • A. Velichko et al.:
    Unambiguous classification of complex microstructures by their three-dimensional parameters applied to graphite in cast iron.
    Acta Materialia Vol. 56 Ausgabe 7, Seite 1981-1990, April 2008.
  • H. Rösner et al.:
    Reconstructing a Nanoporous Metal in Three Dimensions: An Electron Tomography Study of Dealloyed Gold Leaf.
    Advanced Engineering Materials, Volume 9 Ausgabe 7, Seite 535 - 541, 12 Juli 2007.