Analog Insydes - The Intelligent Symbolic Design System for Analog Circuits

Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM

Analog Insydes is a Mathematica toolbox for modeling, analysis, and design of analog electronic circuits, tailored specifically for industrial applications. Based on a hierarchical netlist description language, you can describe both linear and nonlinear circuits as well as control systems, and automatically set up equation systems in the frequency and time domains. A unique feature of Analog Insydes is its capability to compute approximated symbolic formulas for linear and nonlinear circuit characteristics, drastically reducing the complexity of symbolic expressions while controlling a user-given error bound. Additionaly this can be used to generate reduced behavior models of microlectronical circuits.
Furthermore you can also benefit from Analog Insydes qualities for analysing heterogenical networks of other fields of application, like Energy Distribution or mecatronical systems. This was already sucsessfully demonstrated multiple times.

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