Stochastic Geometry Models for Interacting Fibers


Hellen Altendorf developed  in her PhD thesis “3D Morphological Analysis and Modeling of Random Fiber Networks – applied on Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites" a new stochastic model for dense systems of non overlapping fibers with a controllable level of bending. Application to a glass fiber reinforced polymer proved both the quality and the applicability of the new model.

The Altendorf-Jeulin fiber model is based on a packing mechanism inspired by the force biased packing for spheres. In order to widen the application range of the model, fiber-fiber interactions different from pushing each other away shall be incorporated. The task of this thesis is to develop a model fitting method for the extended model and further extend it to biological structures as mice lungs and the lacuna-canicular network in bone by branching and congealing.