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  • Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Calabrese, F.; Mansvelders, R.:
    Simulation of a Sudden Tire Inflation Pressure Loss in a Full Vehicle Context as a Validation Scenario for CAE Based ESC Development.
    SAE Technical Paper 2016-01-0447SAE 2016 World Congress and Exhibition; Cobo CenterDetroit; United States; 12-14 April 2016, Vol. Volume 2016-April (2016-01-0447), (2016).
  • Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Roller, M.:
    Noise, vibration, harshness model of a rotating tyre.
    Vehicle System Dynamics: International Journal of Vehicle Mechanics and Mobility, Vol. 54 (4), 474-491, (2016).
  • Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Calebrese, F.; Leister, G.:
    Simulation of a tire blow-out in a full vehicle scenario.
    7th International Munich Chassis Symposium 2016, 869-898, (2016).


Sammlung der Publikationen von Manfred Bäcker in der Fraunhofer-Publica

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2017Dynamic simulation of the inflation gas of a tire under operational conditions
Gallrein, A.; Bäcker, M.; Calabrese, F.
Conference Paper
2017SIMULATION - Simulation of a tire blow-out in a full vehicle scenario
Calabrese, F.; Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Leister, G.
Conference Paper
2017A study of parameter identification for a thermal-mechanical tire model based on flat track measurements
Calabrese, F.; Ludwig, C.; Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.
Conference Paper
2016Noise, vibration, harshness model of a rotating tyre
Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Roller, M.
Journal Article
2016Prediction of rolling resistance and tread wear of tires in realistic commercial vehicle application scenarios
Steidel, S.; Halfmann, T.; Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.
2016Simulation des Reifenabriebs zur Bewertung von Nachlauflenkachskonzepten
Brand, A.; Bäcker, M.
Conference Paper
2016Simulation of a sudden tire inflation pressure loss in a full vehicle context as a validation scenario for CAE based ESC development
Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Calabrese, F.; Mansvelders, R.
2015A detailed thermo-mechanical tire model for advanced handling applications
Calabrese, F.; Galbally, C.; Baecker, M.; Gallrein, A
Journal Article
2015Evaluation of different modeling approaches for the tire handling simulations - analysis and results
Calabrese, F.; Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, Axel
Conference Paper
2015From road excitation to spindle forces in frequency domain: Linearization of the rolling tire
Baecker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Roller, M.
2015A Method to Combine an MBD Tire Model with a Thermo-dynamical one to improve the accuracy in the tire simulations
Calabrese, Francesco; Bäcker, Manfred; Gallrein, Axel
Conference Paper
2015NVH model of a rotating tire
Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Roller, M.
Conference Paper
2014An advanced flexible realtime tire model and its integration into fraunhofer's driving simulator
Gallrein, A.; Baecker, M.; Burger, M.; Gizatullin, A.
2013Integration eines detaillierten, flexiblen Reifenmodells in den Fraunhofer Fahrsimulator
Burger, M.; Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Kleer, M.
Conference Paper
2013Structural MBD tire models: Closing the gap to structural analysis - History and future of parameter identification
Gallrein, A.; Baecker, M.; Gizatullin, A.
2013Structural MBD tire models: Evolving from spindle load to deformation measurements
Gallrein, A.; Bäcker, M.
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