A Short Interview with Head of Department Markus Rauhut

»Transfer of Theoretical Concepts into Practical Solutions«

Markus Rauhut has been at the ITWM since the year 2000 and is head of the department "Image Processing" since 2014.

1. Why is the work at the ITWM unique from your point of view? What do you like best?
The possibility to transfer theoretical concepts into practical solutions. For me, the mixture of mathematical / technical work and creativity makes work at the ITWM unique. Furthermore we also meet people from many different professions. It is always exciting to translate scientific methods so that our customers understand the benefits of our work.


2. What was your most remarkable experience at the institute?
The successful installation of my first surface inspection system for a customer. At the time my colleagues and I were very proud of this fully automatic inspection system in a very rough production setting.


3. With which three aspects would you describe the department?

  • Surface inspection
  • Material analysis
  • Quality assurance