Profile of Dascha Dobrovolskij

Fields of Activity / Competences

  • 3D Image Processing
  • Statistical analysis of random structures
  • Analysis and simulation of signals



Major Publications

  • Andrä H.; Dobrovolskij D.; Schladitz K.; Staub S.; Müller R.:
    Modelling of Geometrical Microstructures and Mechanical Behaviour of Constituents.
    Diebels S., Rjasanow S. (eds) Multi-scale Simulation of Composite Materials. Mathematical Engineering. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, (2019)
  • Ohser, J; Lacayo-Pineda, J; Putman, M; Rack, A.; Dobrovolskij D.:
    Estimation of filler macro‐dispersion in rubber matrix by radiometric stereo microscopy.
    Journal of Mocroscopy, Volume 274, Issue 1, pages 32-44, 2019
  • Dobrovolskij, D.; Hirsekorn, S.; Spies, M.:
    Simulation of Ultrasonic Materials Evaluation Experiments Including Scattering Phenomena due to Polycrystalline Microstructure.
    Physics Procedia, Volume 70, pages 644-647, 2015
  • Dobrovolskij, D.; Spies, M.:
    Ultraschall-Simulation für komplexe Bauteile mittels ABCD-Methodologie.
    In Berichtsband BB-148-CD DGZfP-Jahrestagung, DGZfP, Berlin, 2014
  • Dobrovolskij, D.; Spies, M.; Dillhöfer, A.; Rieder, H.:
    3D-Schallfeldsimulation in Echtzeit am Beispiel von Prüfköpfen für die hochauflösende Ultraschallprüfung.
    In DGZfP-Berichtsband BB-141-CD DGZfP-Jahrestagung 2013, P43
  • Spies, M.; Dillhöfer, A.; Rieder, H.; Dobrovolskij, D.:
    Real-time 3D-Simulation Tool for Ultrasonic Transducers Used in Aeroengine Component Inspections.
    4th International Symposium on NDT in Aerospace, Augsburg, November 2012

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