Profile of Easwaran Prakash


Major Publications

  • Easwaran, P.; Kronenberger, M.; Redenbach, C.; Schladitz, K.:
    Stochastic modeling of 3D fiber systems incorporating interaction.
    The 19th European Conference on Mathematics for Industry, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2016.
  • Easwaran, P.; Lehmann, M. J.; Wirjadi, O.; Prill, T.; Didas, S.; Redenbach, C.:
    Automatic fiber thickness measurement in SEM images validated using synthetic data.
    Chemical Engineering & Technology, 39 (3), 395-402, 2016
  • Easwaran, P.; Redenbach, C.; Schladitz, K.; Wirjadi, O.:
    Stochastic modeling of 3D fiber systems with fiber bundles and parameter estimation from CT image data.
    14th International Congress of Stererology and Image Analysis, Liège, Belgium, 2015.

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