Billing Fraud in Health Care

Loss Extrapolation

The goal of loss extrapolation in billing fraud is to estimate the size of a monetary damage that has occurred as exact as possible without examining too many single cases in detail.

Our application of loss extrapolation concentrates on calculating   a lower bound for the loss incurred through e.g. billing fraud in healthcare. In those cases, the resulting damage or a reliable lower bound for it can be calculated based on such loss extrapolation. Here, losses within a smaller sample are extrapolated to the entirety. The resulting monetary value represents a conservative estimation of the damage, containing a safety margin.

To avoid systematic errors, the drawing of samples is carefully conceptualized. This allows us to keep the sample size small, while simultaneously guaranteeing only small errors in the extrapolation. There are several factors in the process of data collection influencing the quality of the data. Thus, only qualified experts in this field of research are able to ensure the right requirements.

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