Mathematics for the Power Industry

Renewable energy changes the power industry and as a consequence thereof its tasks. We provide individual solutions from the modeling of single commodities to the implementation of an entire risk controlling software.


Financial mathematical methods gain more and more importance in the power industry. We want to support you by contributing our expertise on this field to your company. In order to model commodity process realistically, we combine classical methods from financial mathematics such as time-series analysis and Monte-Carlo simulations with specific market conditions such as seasonality and spikes or jumps. In this way, our Three-Factor model is a useful base for the determination of risk figures.

For the portfolio of your risk management we offer software solutions which can be integrated easily in already existing management systems. The design of the software can be adjusted individually to the necessities of your company.


Market Models

With the deregulation of the electricity and gas market the necessity of a mathematical modeling of electricity and gas prices arises.


Risk Controlling

Energy companies are exposed to many risks. The control and management of these risks are essential components of the company’s management. We offer you the development of a risk controlling software which is not restricted to standards.