Profile of Dr. Kerstin Dächert

Fields of Activity/Competences

  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Operations Research
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Applications in logistics and energy economics



Major publications

  • Dächert K.; Klamroth K.; Lacour R.; Vanderpooten D.:
  • Efficient computation of the search region in multi-objective optimization
  • European Journal of Operational Research, 260(3):841–855, (2017)
  • Dächert K.; Klamroth K.:
  • A linear bound on the number of scalarizations needed to solve discrete tricriteria optimization problems
  • Journal of Global Optimization, 61(4):643–676, (2015)
  • Dächert K.; Gorski J.; Klamroth K.:
  • An augmented weighted Tchebycheff method with adaptively chosen parameters for discrete bicriteria optimization problems
  • Computers and Operations Research, 39(12):2929–2943, (2012)