Profile of Dr. habil. Luminita Mihaila

Fields of Activity / Competences

  • Valuation models and algorithms for structured products and derivatives
  • Methods and key figures in risk management
  • Quantum computing
  • Portfolio optimization



Major Publications

  • Klasen, M.; Kniehl, B.A.; Steinhauser, M.; Mihaila, L.:
    Evidence for the Color-Octet Mechanism from CERN LEP2 γγ J /ψ + X Data.
    Physical Review Letters, Volume 89, Issue 3, (2002).
  • Harlander, R.V.; Kant, P.; Steinhauser, M.; Mihaila, L.:
    Higgs boson mass in supersymmetry to three loops.
    Physical Review Letters, Volume 100, Issue 19, (2008).
  • Mihaila, L.; Salomon, J.; Steinhauser, M.:
    Gauge coupling beta f
    unctions in the standard model to three loops.
    Physical Review Letters, Volume 108, Issue 15, (2012).