Example: Triangulated CAD geometry of a root linear with VW Golf chassis.

Joint project GeoMec

Discrete geometric structural mechanics for applications in virtual and augmented reality

The focus of the research work jointly pursued by the partners of the GeoMec project, a research project with public funding by BMBF, is the development of discrete geometric structure models for VAR applications that utilize physics based modeling and simulation of elastic structures.

GeoMec aims to provide completely novel interactive algorithms and computational methods which directly incorporate physically functional aspects into the design process. In this way, the Geomec project yields a significant contribution to bridge the gap between design and functionality in virtual product development and rapid prototyping.

Supply hoses in IPS Cable Simulation

Supply hoses in IPS Cable Simulation

Flexibility with discrete differential geometry
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Subproject Flexibility with discrete differential geometry: elastic strips.

Functional Structural Models for Assembly Simulation

Within its subproject entitled "Functional structural models for assembly simulation", Fraunhofer ITWM researchers develop and investigate structural models of flexible parts for industrial applications in virtual product development. Typical applications are the simulation of assembly processes, or the design of physically functional digital prototypes in automotive as well as other industries.

From the mathematical viewpoint, the research work of ITWM is primarily concerned with:

  • discrete, geometrically nonlinear models for structural members
  • as well as numerical methods
  • for solving quasistatic and dynamic initial boundary value problems

Discrete shell models with anisotropic material behavior are the main subject of interest. The ITWM approach is based on an innovative synthesis of methods from:

  • Discrete Mechanics (DM)
  • Discrete Differential Geometry (DDG)
  • Multibody Dynamics Simulation (MKS)



  • Fraunhofer ITWM
  • Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • TU Berlin
  • TU Chemnitz
  • Volkswagen AG