Interactive simulation of flexible structures

1) Robot hoses 2) Wiring harness 3) Bending radius and stresses

IPS Cable Simulation

The software package IPS Cable Simulation integrates new methods and efficient algorithms for physical correct simulations of cables and hoses in real-time.

This technology is widely used in design, virtual assembly and digital validation.


  • real-time simulation
  • structural mechanics model
  • high accuracy
  • all kinds of cable materials and cross sections
  • kinematical clips
  • analysis of forces, moments, stresses and distances
  • collision detection
  • contact handling (prevent penetration)
Vordeformierte Formschläuche
© Photo ITWM

Pre-deformed hoses

Versorgungsschläuche am Roboter
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Robot hoses

Kollisionsfreier Einbau einer Mittelkonsole
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Assembly of a center console without collision