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Major Publications

  • Linn J., Dreßler K.: Discrete cosserat rod models based on the difference geometry
    of framed curves for interactive simulation of flexible cables, European Consortium
    for Mathematics in Industry -ECMI-: Math for the Digital Factory, pp. 289-319 (2017).
  • Linn J., Lang H., Tuganov A.: Geometrically exact Cosserat rods with Kelvin-Voigt
    type viscous damping, Mechanical Sciences, Vol. 4, pp. 79-96 (2013).
  • Lang H., Linn J., Arnold M.: Multibody Dynamics simulation of geometrically
    exact Cosserat rods, Multibody System Dynamics, Vol. 25(3), pp. 285-312 (2011).
  • Jung P., Leyendecker S., Linn J., Ortiz M.: A discrete mechanics approach to
    Cosserat rod theory - Part I: static equilibria, Int. Journ. Num. Meth. Eng.,
    Vol. 85(1), pp. 31-60 (2010).


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