Facility Location

Decisions regarding strategic building (for example, rescue posts, warehouses, factories, sales points) or the reallocation of equipment or human resources to a site are essentially made for the long term. Demand coverage, transportation times, construction and maintenance costs must all play a central role. Although demand forecasts are by their nature uncertain, the chosen locations must nevertheless guarantee the required supply.

In general, the solution to the problem is always a compromise between diverse measurable and non-measurable aspects. A standard cost function is of no use in such cases. Furthermore, often no new resources are added, but rather a redistribution of existing ones occurs (i.e., close or reduce another location).

We develop customer-specific methods and decision support tools that holistically show decision makers the advantages and disadvantages of the potential locations. In particular, it highlights the robustness of the proposals in the face of forecast deviations. For example, an explicit model of the poor positioning of individual personnel caused by the reorientation can be prepared.

Example Projects



The collaborative project HealthFaCT is developing an innovative software-based optimization and decision-making system to improve outpatient medical care in rural areas.


Opti-TRANS - Optimal Dispatching in Logistics of Hospitals

Efficient optimization algorithms for resource planning and vehicle routing are an important factor for a life-saving hospital.

SynPlan - Timetable Synchronization for Public Transport Systems

SynPlan is a new concept for evaluating transfers and timetables which focuses on the passengers' convenience.

Scheduling Medical Appointments

During a hospital stay several examinations and therapy plans are normally carried out.