Layout Planning

Layout design methods are always required when different types of elements, say for example, the parts mounted on a commercial vehicle chassis, are to be arranged in a suitable manner. The spacing of the elements is not provided in advance, but rather results from their arrangement on the surface or in space.

The complexity of the planning algorithms results from the limiting conditions such as barrier surfaces or the fixed arrangement of elements or the numerous rules describing what layouts are technically feasible. The project targets regarding cost and quality also increase the complexity.

We develop processes for our clients that solve layout problems in a variety of industrial sectors; planning includes large-scale solar arrays, layouts for mounted parts on a commercial vehicle chassis, energy efficient operations for water utilities, and many, many more.

The assessment of layout quality always presents difficulties if additional constraints cannot be fully met or when there is a need to balance conflicting goals. This is the reason we have given our software a sophisticated decision support function which provides design engineers with expanded opportunities to compare proposed layouts.

Example Projects


Reduction of Variants in Truck Chassis Packaging

We develop platform and product families for the reduction of variants in truck chassis packaging.


Supply Chain Design for the Distribution of Spare Parts

In this project focus is given to the development of a new system for maintenance and repair of aircraft turbines and truck engines.