Layout and Cutting Problems

The efficiency and the costs of a production process are often closely tied to the capacity and utilization of resources. Cutting patterns should result in little cutting waste, batch machines (for example, drying chambers, presses) should be well stocked, warehouse items and remnants should be cut with very little loss according to individual customer specifications. At the center are the issues of optimal packing or disassembly. The Optimization department demonstrates a wealth of experience in these fields.

Example Projects


Production of Timber

We want to minimize the offcut of construction timber in this industry.


Production of Colored Gemstones

The production of colored gemstones consists of several steps. Our software now allows to evaluate the cuts and the clarity of the gemstones before the stones are cut.


Reduction of Variants in Truck Chassis Packaging

We apply optimization methods for platform and product families development to the packaging of truck chassis.