Interactive and Automated Optimization

SynPlan offers interactive and automated optimization which can be controlled by setting of constraints and goals.

Focus on the Passengers' Convenience

SynPlan is a new concept for evaluating transfers and timetables which focuses on the passengers' convenience.

SynPlan - Timetable Synchronization for Public Transport Systems

The synchronization of the individual timetables of the public transport operators who cooperate in a regional public transport association is a very complex planning task, due to amount of data, number of interdependencies and multi-criteria character.

In the research project SynPlan we develop a new approach for this problem that brings together algorithmic developments with an innovative concept of user interaction.


The benefits are numerous:

  • innovative software for timetable synchronization
  • more efficient and effective timetable synchronization processes
  • cost savings due to less iterations of the process
  • better synchronized timetables in public transport
Logo SynPlan.
Logo SynPlan.