Decision Support Tools

The most appropriate treatment for a patient can be interactively selected by using a real-time decision support tool.

Medical Therapy Planning

When planning a therapy, different competing quality criteria like prospects of treatment success, risk of side effects and costs have to be considered. Thereby, chances and risks must be individually balanced for every patient.
For that purpose the therapy planning is modeled as a multi-criteria optimization problem. Different, best possible compromises - so-called Pareto-optimal solutions - are then calculated. Using a real-time decision support tool the most appropriate treatment for a patient can be interactively selected.

Clusters of Projects

Our projects can be pooled in the following clusters:


Physical Therapies

In the project cluster »Physical Therapy« we develop innovative planning modules for ionizing-radiation therapy, ultrasonic therapy, and radio frequency ablation, which provides medical doctors and the attending physicians with a simple way to balance the chances and risks of the treatment.


Systemic Therapies

Especially the planning process of heavily affecting therapies like tumor diseases or long-term-therapies of chronic diseases like diabetes demands decision support tools. The projects in the cluster »Systemical Therapies« help physicians with the search for an adequate therapy.