Online Training for Mental Health

Project APPWAG: Expansion of Resilience Promotion Programs Into a Platform With Target-Group-Specific Health Promotion Offerings

Stressful life events and life circumstances can be enormous burdens for people's mental health. Targeted measures can help people regain or maintain their mental health and increase their own resilience.

Psychoeducational Online Training to Promote Resilience

The project goal of APPWAG is to create such a psychoeducational training program to increase resilience and make it available via a web platform. The training program includes user-conform medical information, training opportunities and intervention measures. The platform will enable safe use of program content, self-monitoring, and communication with psychologists when medical intervention is needed.

Knowledge-Based Decision Making and Empowerment

Users of the online training service document their own health status in a mobile application and transmit it to the web platform. There, the data is analyzed using AI methods, the appropriate training measures are automatically selected from the training program based on their indications, which are coded in predicate logic, and transferred to the app. If the app detects a significant need for intervention based on the health status using predicate logic, this is displayed to a psychologist via the web platform. The psychologist selects individually suitable intervention measures using multi-criteria decision-making methods. The users are thus given the opportunity for independent training in resilience promotion on the reliable basis of a quality-assured training program. 

Project Partners

Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research

The project is funded by the IWB-EFRE program Rhineland-Palatinate.