Physical Therapies

The trade-off between the prospect of a cure for a serious illness and the prevention of side effects routinely poses a difficult planning challenge to doctors in therapy planning. The focus of interactive therapy planning is on the development of new planning methods for clinical therapies on the basis of multiple criteria optimization. The group develops innovative planning modules for ionizing-radiation therapy, ultrasonic therapy, radio frequency ablation, and the systemic therapy in senology, which gives medical doctors and the attending physicians a relatively simple way to balance the chances and risks of the treatment.

Example Projects


Optimization of the Closure of the Abdominal Wall

Surgical treatments include quiet often the opening of the abdominal wall (Laparotomy).  


Optimization in Radiofrequency Ablation

It is highly important to completely destroy the tumour in RFA because surviving cells may develop resistance towards heat and promote more aggressive tumour growth.


Extra-Corporal Focussed Ultrasound Therapy

Focussed ultrasound in combination with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a novel high-potential approach to non-invasive tumor therapy.


Radiation Therapy

In our projects interactive methods for planning and adapting plans for radiation therapy are developed.