Energy Supply and Use of Renewable Energy

The generation and intelligent exploitation of alternative energies is becoming ever more important. When planning the energy systems of the tomorrow, various challenges must first be mastered. For example, power stations that generate electricity (by means of photo-voltaic, wind turbines, etc.) must be planned in such a way that they perform well technically and economically to ensure sustained competitiveness in today's energy markets. Furthermore, the design of modern building energy systems must ensure they are removed from the classic role of a pure consumer and transformed into smart, complex systems, in which different forms of energy are generated, stored, and consumed. Planning such energy systems is one of the central challenges of the energy transition.

We research and develop client-specific solutions and software tools to address this challenge. An overview of our current projects is shown here:

Example Projects

Fraunhofer Lighthouse Projects »Electricity as a Raw Material«

Ten Fraunhofer Institutes have joined forces to work on the Fraunhofer lighthouse project “Electricity as a Raw Material”. Their aim is to develop and optimize processes that enable low-carbon power to be used to synthesize important base chemicals.

NetMod - Reduced Models for Electrical Networks with Distributed Power Sources

The aim of the project is to develop new methods for the optimal design and operating of electrical networks considering technical, economical and ecological aspects. The outcomes are methods for dimensioning a electric energy grid featuring certain degrees of freedom for decentralized power generators and energy storage as well as basic methods of optimized company management for decentralized energy suppliers.

Planning of Large Photovoltaic Power Plants

Photovoltaic (PV) power generation has an increasing share of the future energy mix. Planning large-scale ground-mounted PV power plants is a complex task, since several technical and economical optimization goals have to be balanced. In cooperation with Siemens Smart Generation Solutions, we develop a software that supports the planning engineers in the challenge of designing good PV power plants.