Production Scheduling

The efficient use of capacity or time-limited resources (e.g., machines, personnel, materials) is a decisive competitive advantage for companies in the manufacturing sectors. In this context, we develop decision support systems for the planning and control of production activities. We implement custom concepts for resource efficient and timely production based on mathematical optimization and simulation.

Here you can see an overview of current projects:

Example Projects


Simulation of Automated Production and Material Flow Systems

In this project we offer the development and implementation of simulation models for complex production and material flow systems. Based on these models different configurations can be compared which leads to optimized decisions.


Assistance Systems for Logistic Networks

Most freight carriers have optimized their business processes almost best possible. However, there is still potential to improve efficiency of processes that span across company boundaries. To leverage this potential innovative assistance systems are required that do not only ensure a smooth transfer of information between the actors of the companies involved but that also automatically identify and communicate better transportation options.


The project »eMasterCraft - Electronic Processes and Master Data in the Construction Branch« aimed to increase the penetration of the building sector with electronic data exchange and computer aided processes in the skilled trades.


The collaborative project HealthFaCT is developing an innovative software-based optimization and decision-making system to improve outpatient medical care in rural areas.