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  • Software Development
  • Design of Experiments
  • Machine Learning



A collection of publications by Raoul Heese in the Fraunhofer-Publica

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2021Adaptive sampling of Pareto frontiers with binary constraints using regression and classification
Heese, R.; Bortz, M.
Conference Paper
2021Calibrated Simplex Mapping Classification
Heese, Raoul; Walczak, Michał; Bortz, Michael; Schmid, Jochen
2020CupNet - Pruning a network for geometric data
Heese, Raoul; Morand, Lukas; Helm, Dirk; Bortz, Michael
2020Informed Machine Learning - A Taxonomy and Survey of Integrating Knowledge into Learning Systems
Rüden, Laura von; Mayer, Sebastian; Beckh, Katharina; Georgiev, Bogdan; Giesselbach, Sven; Heese, Raoul; Kirsch, Birgit; Pfrommer, Julius; Pick, Annika; Ramamurthy, Rajkumar; Walczak, Michal; Garcke, Jochen; Bauckhage, Christian; Schuecker, Jannis
2020Some Aspects of Combining Data and Models in Process Engineering
Heese, Raoul; Nies, Julia; Bortz, Michael
Journal Article
2019Estimating mixture properties from batch distillation using semi-rigorous and rigorous models
Bortz, M.; Heese, R.; Scherrer, A.; Gerlach, T.; Runowski, T.
Conference Paper
2019The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Augmenting a black-box model with expert knowledge
Heese, R.; Walczak, M.; Morand, L.; Helm, D.; Bortz, M.
Conference Paper
2019Optimized data exploration applied to the simulation of a chemical process
Heese, Raoul; Walczak, Michał; Seidel, Tobias; Asprion, Norbert; Bortz, Michael
Journal Article
2018Flowsheet Simulation and Optimization Supported by Machine Learning Methods: Abstract
Bortz, Michael; Heese, Raoul; Walczak, Michal; Asprion, Norbert; Gonzalez-Garay, Andres
Journal Article
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