Complex Energy Supply Networks

We develop methods for the strategical and tactical management of modern energy supply systems.

Power Supply

The supply of goods to consumers in the energy sector (e.g., water, gas, electricity), similar to all classic supply chains, must be ensured by one or more producers. The established supply grids must also be designed efficiently, while at the same time being robust against the fluctuations and uncertainties in demand - that means, planning must prevent bottlenecks without excessive redundancies.

We develop problem-oriented methods for strategic design and tactical control of modern power supply grids. We address the placement and dimensioning of lines/buffers/pumps/pressure controls, all derived from transparent, robust control strategies. The evaluations are always carried out according to several objectives, in particular, taking into account the construction and operating costs and the supply security.

Methods embedded in client specific software tools enables interactive planning, in addition to a virtual simulation of alternative control regulations.