Profile of Aivars Zemitis

Fields of Activity / Competences

  • One- and multiphase flow in porous media
  • Flows with free boundaries
  • Humidity transport in textiles
  • Simulations of processes in filters
  • Simulation of sprays
  • Simulation of gas networks
  • Software development (C, C++)
  • Heat and mass transfer in large liquid containers



Major Publications

  • Grzhibovskis, R.; Rjasanov, S.; Andrä, H.; Zemitis, A.:
    Boundary Element Method for Calculation of Effective Elastic Moduli in 3D Linear Elasticity.
    Mathematical Methods n the Applied Sciences, Pulished Online: Sep. 11 2009.
  • Andrä, H.; Battiato, S.; Bilotta, G.; Farinella, G.; Impoco, G.; Orlik, J.; Russo, G.; Zemitis, A.:
    Structural Simulation of a Bone-Prosthesis System of the Knee Joint.
    SENSORS-43-07 - Sensors 2008, 8, 5897-5926, 2008.
  • Orlik, J.; Zemitis, A.; Andrä, H.:
    Multiscale Solution of the Mechanical Contact Between Coated Knee Prosthesis and Bone.
    Proceedings of ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multi-scale Computational Methods for Solids and Fluids, Ed. by Ibrahimbegovic, A.; Dias, F.; Matthies, H.; Wriggers, P. (eds.), 195-201, France, 28-30 Nov 2007.


Collection of the publications of Aivars Zemitis in the Fraunhofer-Publica

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2018Application of a coupled CFD/LP code approach for containment simulations of a konvoi type PWR plant
Klein-Hessling, W.; Sonnenkalb, M.; Zemitis, A.; Iliev, O.; Steiner, K.
Conference Paper
2014A fast algorithm for 3D simulation of thermal stratification in containment pools of nuclear power plants
Gornak, T.; Iliev, O.; Minev, P.; Zemitis, A.
Journal Article
2014Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of filter elements
Iliev, D.; Kirsch, R.; Lakdawala, Z.; Zemitis, A.; Starikovicius, V.
Conference Paper
2013Effizienzsteigernde Verfahrensweisen bei der simulationsgestützten Filterauslegung
Iliev, Oleg; Kirsch, Ralf; Lakdawala, Zahra; Zemitis, Aivars
Journal Article
2013Modeling and numerical simulation on the filter element scale
Iliev, D.; Iliev, O.; Kirsch, R.; Lakdawala, Z.; Zemitis, A.
Conference Paper
2013On a fast algorithm and software for 3D simulation of thermal stratification in containment pools of nuclear power plants
Gornak, T.; Minev, P.; Zemitis, A.
2013Simulation of multiphysics in a NPP containment using combined codes with different spatial resolution
Zemitis, A.; Iliev, O.; Steiner, K.; Klein-Hessling, W.; Sonnenkalb, M.; Freitag, M.
Conference Paper
2010Boundary element method for calculation of effective elastic moduli in 3D linear elasticity
Grzhibovskis, R.; Rjasanow, S.; Andrä, H.; Zemitis, A.
Journal Article
2008Charakterisierung und Optimierung von Dämmstoffen durch die Kombination von ZfP-Verfahren und Werkstoffsimulation
Spies, M.; Andrä, H.; Rieder, H.; Zemitis, A.; Kabel, M.; Porsch, F.
Conference Paper
2008Structural simulation of a bone-prosthesis system of the knee joint
Andrä, H.; Battiato, Sebastiano; Bilotta, Guiseppe; Farinella, Giovanni M.; Impoco, Gaetano; Orlik, Julia; Russo, Giovanni; Zemitis, Aivars; Andrä, Heiko
Journal Article
2007Multiscale solution of the mechanical contact between coated knee prosthesis and bone
Orlik, Julia; Zemitis, Aivars; Andrä, Heiko
Conference Paper
2006EJ-HEAT: A fast explicit jump harmonic averaging solver for the effective heat conductivity of composite materials
Wiegmann, A.; Zemitis, A.
2004Automated model reduction of complex gas pipeline networks
Mohring, Jan; Hoffmann, Jochen; Halfmann, Thomas; Zemitis, Aivars; Basso, Giuliano; Lagoni, Per
Conference Paper
2004Mathematical models for impinging jets
Zemitis, Aivars
Conference Paper
2003Analysis of transport processes for layered porous materials used in industrial applications
Zemitis, A.; Velten, K.; Iliev, O.
Book Article
2002A systematic study of the euler number of discrete 3D-sets
Zemitis, A.
2001On interaction of a liquid film with an obstacle
Zemitis, A.
2000Additive splitting methods for elliptic-parabolic problems
Čiegis, Raimondas; Papastavrou, Areti; Zemitis, Aivars
Journal Article
1999A method for the analysis and control of mica tape impregnation processes
Velten, K.; Zemitis, A.; Pfreundt, F.-J.; Hennig, E.; Schattauer, D.
Journal Article
1999Traenkverfahren und Vorrichtung zur Ueberwachung der Durchtraenkung eines Traegermaterials
Schattauer, D.; Pfreundt, F.; Zemitis, A.; Velten, K.
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Other Publications

  • Zemitis, A.:
    Mathematical models for impinging jets. - In: Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2002( Eds A.Buikis, R.Ciegis, A.D.Fitt). Springer Series "Mathematics in Industry", pp.405-409, 2004.
  • Basso, G.; Mohring, J.; Halfmann, T.; Hoffmann, J.; Lagoni, P.; Zemitis, A.:
    Automated Model Reduction of Complex Gas Pipeline Networks.
    PSIG (Pipeline Simulation Interest Group) in Recent Papers from 2004.
  • Ciegis, R.; Papastavrou, A.; Zemitis, A.: 
    Additive splitting methods for elliptic-parabolic problems.
    Ann. Univ. Ferrara - Sez. VII- Sc. Mat., pp.391-306, 2000.
  • Hennig, E.; Pfreundt, F.-J.; Schattauer, D.; Velten, K., Zemitis, A.:
    A method for the analysis and control of mica tape impregnation processes.
    IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 6(3):363-369, 1999.
  • Ciegis, R., Zemitis, A.:
    Parallel numerical methods for flows in multilayer regions.
    Navier-Stokes equations and related nonlinear problems. Seventh International Conference, Ferrara, Italy, 13-17 Sep 1999.