Profile of Ferdinand Küsters

Fields of Activity

  • Switched differential-algebraic equations (DAEs)
  • Power Grids



Major Publications

  • Küsters, F.; Trenn, S.; Wirsen, A.:
    Switch observability for homogeneous switched DAEs   
    IFAC-PapersOnLine 50(1), pp. 9355-9360, (2017).
  • Küsters, F.; Ruppert, M.; Trenn, S.:
    Controllability of switched differential-algebraic equations.
    Systems & Control Letters 78, pp. 32-39, (2015).

  • Küsters, F.; Trenn, S.:
    Duality of switched DAEs.
    Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems 28(3). doi: 10.1007/s00498-016-0177-2

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