Modeling Week  /  September 13, 2021  -  September 17, 2021

Fall School for Felix Klein Fellows

Once a year, the Felix Klein Academy organizes a fall school for Felix Klein Fellows that focuses on mathematical modeling. Supported by mathematicians, the students learn problem solving with the help of mathematical modeling and computer simulations during this week.

Four projects from the working practice of Fraunhofer ITWM will be presented in the online plenum. This is followed by the selection of the project and the division into groups. On Monday, the working group starts to work on the task. During the project work, the supervisors of the project are available for advice. The groups present their results in a plenary session at the end of the week.

Parallel to the Fall School, the online workshop »Optimization and Machine Learning« will take place from Wednesday to Friday. During the days, three internationally renowned experts will give lectures on the topic, especially on methods and applications.