Digital Event  /  June 24, 2022

Nationwide Digital Day

»AI Minilab – Machine Learning Algorithms to Try Out«

How we obtain information, shop, learn, communicate with each other, seek medical advice, or use public administration services – digitization is profoundly changing our everyday and professional lives. Everyone must be enabled to move confidently and safely, self-assuredly and self-determinedly in the digital world. The various aspects of digitization are to be highlighted and discussed together with numerous activities. We are participating with a workshop by the EPKI team (decision support for business processes using new Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods) from our department »Financial Mathematics« on the topic »AI Minilab – Machine Learning Algorithms to Try Out«[only available in German].


Workshop: »AI Minilab – Machine Learning Algorithms to Try Out« 

[The Workshop will be held in German]

In the context of digitization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a topic of outstanding importance. With the transfer of processes into the digital world, they become accessible for machine support. At the same time, this development goes hand in hand with major advances in the field of AI, specifically Machine Learning (ML). Thus, we encounter more and more AI-supported systems in everyday life. Here, it happens again and again that besides impressive performances, from a human point of view rather questionable results occasionally emerge.

In this workshop, we want to look at what AI actually is and what role machine learning plays in it. To see how such a system basically works, we will try out different ML algorithms ourselves on a small scale. Possibilities and limitations of the methods are to be made tangible. Do the algorithms decide as we expect or as we would? What structures can they learn well, what do they fail at, and what possibilities do we have to influence them in order to favor learning?