Online  /  September 20, 2022  -  September 23, 2022

OpenDesk of the European Mathematics for Industry and Innovation Service Network (EU-Maths-IN).

OpenDesk offers any company the opportunity to contribute with innovation needs that can be solved through modeling, simulation and optimization technologies in a data-rich environment (MSO-DE). It also creates exchange in the field of application-oriented mathematical research and use in industry, science and society.

Our colleague Dr. Alexander Scherrer from the division »Optimization« will represent our institute as a member of the OpenDesk committee at the upcoming matchmaking event.

EU-Maths-IN is a European network represented in 19 countries with almost 400 research centers and more than 9,000 researchers specialized in different areas of industrial mathematics. The goal is to improve the competitiveness of companies through technology transfer between mathematics and industry.