Essen, Conference  /  September 27, 2022  -  September 28, 2022

11. INREC 2022

International Ruhr Energy Conference (INREC) 2022

At INREC 2022, participants will be presented with papers from a wide range of energy-related research fields. The aim of the event is to provide researchers and practitioners with an overview of the current sources of uncertainty and risk in the energy and financial markets.

Our colleague Elias Röger from the department »Financial Mathematics« will give a presentation entitled »Optimal Trading With a Battery: An Optimization Model for Offering Flexibility on the Day-Ahead, Intraday and Reserve Market«.

Energy and power markets are characterized by a variety of long- and short-term risks and significant uncertainties. Examples include Russian aggression against Ukraine, the accelerated transition to clean energy in Europe, and the transitional and physical risks of climate change.