Online Final Colloquium  /  November 24, 2022

Final Colloquium of the Fraunhofer Project UrWerk

Drawing More Knowledge From Material and Process Data – For Resource Efficiency and Faster Product Development

In the Fraunhofer project »UrWerk«, the Fraunhofer ITWM, together with two other Fraunhofer institutes, developed data spaces which clearly represent the history of materials as well as their interactions in complex material systems in the form of graphs and enable the coupling of analysis tools. These data rooms are adapted to company-specific requirements and thus provide easy access to the handling of material data.

The Fraunhofer »UrWerk« consortium starts with the further development of known software tools (from the fields of CAD and CAE), because the virtual testing of product properties requires high-quality and sufficient material data. This includes, among other things, the mechanical properties of individual – but also combined – material states and components as well as information on their manufacture.

The resulting concept of a company-specific material (system) data room was finally tested for two use cases in the joint project and will be presented in the final colloquium.