Bellevue (Seattle’s Eastside), Washington, USA, Conference  /  September 17, 2023  -  September 22, 2023

IEEE Quantum Week 2023 (QCE23)

The IEEE Quantum Week 2023 is an international conference that connects the field of quantum computing and engineering. The event includes exciting exhibitions of quantum technologies, world-class keynote speakers, workshops, scientific papers, panel discussions and more. Attendance is both in-person and virtual, and it creates an important platform for sharing knowledge and partnerships in the field of quantum computing.

We will be there with our colleague Mark-Oliver Wolf from the »Financial Mathematics« department. On the one hand, we will have a stand and on the other hand, we will give a talk on: »Quantum Architecture Search for Quantum Monte Carlo Integration via Conditional Parameterized Circuits with Application to Finance«.

In our project »AnQuC-3«, we focus on the application of quantum computing in the department »Financial Mathematics«. In doing so, we identify use cases that could benefit from quantum computing, transfer established financial mathematics methods to the quantum computing environment and further develop QC algorithms, especially with regard to complex financial mathematics problems. Our main goal is to harness the power of quantum computers to solve complex financial mathematics problems faster and more accurately than conventional computers. To do this, we use artificial intelligence to find efficient solutions to various simulation problems. 

One example of our research concerns the valuation of financial derivatives. We have shown that the calculation of certain financial derivatives can be significantly accelerated using quantum computing by developing new types of QC payoff functions.