Friedrichshafen, Germany  /  05/16/2017  -  05/17/2017

VDI Conference Commercial Vehicle 2017

Commercial Vehicles 2017 - Transportation Solutions of the Future

The commercial vehicle industry remains dominated by the megatrends transport efficiency, safety and environmental compatibility, which are also the focus of the "Commercial Vehicles 2017" conference. The conference deals intensively with future transport solutions. New developments in networked systems and automated driving play a central role. The conference also addresses the issues of how the changing needs of the market, customers and the law affect the development process and how the balance between cost, technical and logistical requirements can be achieved successfully.

Your benefits:

  • Hear technically profound lectures and specifically selected customer presentations.
  • On day 2, take part in a factory tour or a test ride on the ZF Friedrichshafen AG premises.
  • Get to know the state of the art in technologies and applications.

Who is the conference aimed at?

The "Commercial Vehicles 2017" conference is aimed at experts and decision-makers:

  • Who work for the fleet operators (logisticians, fleet managers, fleet engineers)
  • Who are active in automotive development and production
  • Who are employed by transport companies

We are also addressing representatives of the following sectors:

  • Commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers
  • Software and hardware companies
  • Electronics
  • Institutes and universities
  • Service providers