Workshop  /  05/15/2018  -  05/17/2018

Data Scientist for Smart Energy Systems

The European power grid is facing massive challenges. The increasing amount of distributed renewable energy generation over throws the known concepts of producers and consumers in the energy market consumers turn to producers, traditional producers are loosing their key incoming sources and turning torwards service providers. This requires new business concepts and models. Volatile energy sources like wind and solar require the power grid to turn smart in order to keep the grid stability facing bottom-up energy and volatile flows. Data is playing an increasingly important role. It is required for steering energy flows, to optimize business processes and reduce costs and can give access to new markets.

The course “Data Scientist for Smart Energy Systems” aims at professionals from the energy industry. It gives an overview about the current trends (Day 1) and offers to dive deeper into machine learning analysis methods and technologies together with our experts (Day 2 and 3).