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At this point we offer an outline of our media review and collect current news and reports about our projects. Due to the clarification of rights, our focus here is on publications in the online media. These include specialist articles, professional portraits and interviews with our experts. Receive up-to-date information and follow the external reporting on current topics, important research results and product-ready developments from Fraunhofer ITWM.

Media Review 2022


Article Textile-Network / 16.9.2022

Faster spinning thanks to simulation

The development of the simulation software »VISPI«, which virtually maps and examines a wide range of spinning processes, can accelerate one of mankind's oldest techniques: Spinning. 


Research News / 1.9.2022

Algorithms for Manufacturing mRNA-Based Pharmaceuticals

In addition to the development of a Corona vaccine, the company BioNTech is also interested in research on personalized mRNA-based therapy against cancer. For both applications, a team of ITWM researchers has developed two software platforms for the optimal planning and control of the production processes in cooperation with BioNTech.


Newsletter Article / 14.7.2022

Simulator-Supported Product Development

For more than ten years, Volvo Construction Equipment has been using our interactive driving and operating simulator »RODOS« for simulator-based production development. Our experts Dr.-Ing. Michael Kleer and Dr. Sebastian Emmerich from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Development« report in an article in the newsletter of the »Commercial Vehicle Cluster Südwest« (CVC). [Article only available in German]


Press Release / 29.6.2022

Rhineland-Palatinate Looks Ahead to Autumn

For a good two and a half years now, the Corona virus has been presenting our society with ever new challenges. What have we learned so far in dealing with the pandemic and what do we need to prepare for in the coming months? Minister President Malu Dreyer discussed these questions with the Corona team of experts, which includes our Division Director Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Küfer.


InnoVisions / 28.6.2022

Quantum Computing for the Big Picture

Can quantum computers calculate Germany's entire energy system? Determining the exact amount of energy needed at that moment is almost an impossibility, especially for conventional computers. But perhaps it can be done with quantum computers? The project EnerQuant wants to clarify what opportunities opens up here. [Article only available in German]


InnoVisions / 21.6.2022

Faster with Quantum Algorithms

The development of new composite materials is precision work. The micrometer-sized structures of the high-performance materials must later ensure the functionality, durability and safety of complex components for aircraft fuselages, wind turbine rotors or in buildings. We already have excellent mathematical methods. One problem lies with computation time. Is the solution quantum computing? Will it soon make everything much faster? [only available in German]



Newsletter / 10.6.2022

Further Develop Corrosion Protection

We are involved in the EU project VIPCOAT for innovative corrosion protection technologies. In a just published newsletter our colleague Dr. Peter Klein talks about his work in the projec


Interviews / 10.6.2022

Is a Corona Summer Wave Coming?

Is the Omikron BA.5 variant threatening another Corona wave this summer? This question was posed by the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) to our institute director Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel, among others. 

SWR also looked at the spread of the latest variant and interviewed our »Optimization« Division Manager Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Küfer on the subject.

[both only available in German]


InnoVisions / 7.6.2022

Time is Money

In the future magazine InnoVisions, Dr. Jonas Koppe, research coordinator for quantum computing at Fraunhofer ITWM, explains how new technologies can be used to better assess the risks of investments. [only available in German]


Whitepaper / 3.6.2022

Federated Learning: Whitepaper published

Federated learning is a novel, decentralized AI method where only the locally learned models are shared instead of the data. Coordinating the participating devices is a complex issue that requires a scalable and fault-tolerant runtime environment.


Blogpost Newsletter / 11.5.2022

Robust Through the Crisis With Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

In times of delivery problems and rising energy prices, condition-based and predictive maintenance provides the basis for good planning. Our colleague Dr Benjamin Adrian reports in the german newsletter of the Economic Development Corporation (WFG).


Interview / 29.4.2022

Antenne Kaiserslautern: Interview about the KI Pilot

Our ITWM colleague Dr. Henrike Stephani was a guest at Antenne Kaiserslautern for an episode of »Herzlich Digital ins Wochenende« and answered questions about the position and tasks of Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel, our institute director, as an AI Pilot.

[Only available in German]


Article / 27.4.2022

Reporting Delay and Fewer Tests

Omicron appears to be pushing Corona statistics to their limits. The incidence is increasingly inaccurate, and the hospitalization rate lags behind. Experts therefore warn against being blinded by the current figures.

Our team around Dr. Jan Mohring supports with mathematics and simulation to approach the current dark figure in Germany. Read more in the Hessenschau article:


Technical Article / 10.3.2022

Using Math to Fight the Illegal Timber Trade

In »KI-WOOD«, our researchers in the »Image Processing« department are working with the Thünen Institute for Wood Research to develop an image recognition system that uses microscope images to identify wood species. The AI analysis software enables more comprehensive controls and a more intensive monitoring of material flows – and offers the chance to curb illegal timber harvesting.


Shortnews / 8.3.2022

Scalable Production of ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products)

ATMPs are a groundbreaking development for the treatment of cancer or hereditary diseases as well as regenerative medicine. Our division »Optimization« was involved in the publication of a Fraunhofer position paper on this from the »Pharmaproduction« innovation programme.


Article / 22.2.2022

Digitalized Machine Tools

[Only available in German]

How do I monitor and forecast the wear stock? Our »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control« department and Berger Holding GmbH are jointly developing a monitoring system that addresses precisely this question.


Fachartikel / 26.1.2022


In the February issue of ERCIM News 128 with the special theme Quantum Computing we are represented with two articles. On page 27 on the topic: »Energy Economics Fundamental Modelling With Quantum Algorithms« and from page 28 on the topic: »Quantum Fourier Transformation in Industrial Applications«.


Technical Article konstruktionspraxis / 7.2.2022

Mobile Machines in Software Testing

Developing new product generations of commercial vehicles or construction machinery is complex. With Hardware-in-the-Loop, our researchers offer the possibility to reproduce machines in a software simulation with a digital twin and to test them virtually. The article is only available in German, but you can find out more on our website in English.



Article Fraunhofer InnoVisions / 27.1.2022

Test Driving without Risks

If you want to test new assistance systems for vehicles, you might not want to go out on the road right away. The person should first drive our RODOS® (RObot based Driving and Operation Simulator). This is because our simulation system allows a large number of simulations. This benefits the development of assistance systems for (commercial) vehicles. Read more in the article of the german online magazine InnoVisions:


Article hessenschau / 20.1.2022

Corona Incidences: Is Now Only the Dark Figure Increasing?

[only available in German]

Omicron continues to spread. Nevertheless, the increase in incidence numbers may soon come to a halt: PCR testing capacity is approaching its limit – and so is the incidence that can theoretically be measured at all. Expert Dr. Jan Mohring deals with this dark figure and gives insights to hessenschau:


Radio Interview / 13.1.2022

Corona Incidence: High Numbers in the North?

Our institute director, Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel, was heard live on SWR Aktuell radio as a Corona expert. Why are there so many new infections in northern Germany? And how should federal states like Schleswig-Holstein or Bremen proceed now? She also talks about current forecasts and the handling of Omikron in Rhineland-Palatinate. Missed the interview? No problem – you can listen to the recording online at SWR:


Podcast and Article Fraunhofer Magazine

Combat Billing Fraud in the Care Sector

In the Fraunhofer podcast and in the Fraunhofer magazine, Dr. Stephani and Dr. Leoff explain the challenges that have to be overcome in the project »PflegeForensik« (nursing care forensics) when auditing accounts and how time-consuming it is to uncover fraud.


Textil Network Article / 12.1.2022

Virtual Quality Inspection for Filter Nonwovens

[Only available in German]

Nonwoven production received more public attention than ever, because the technical textile is crucial for infection control. The ultra-fine nonwoven products are produced in meltblown processes. An team of the Fraunhofer ITWM is optimizing the entire production chain in the ProQuIV project.

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