An important aspect of our work is the exchange with colleagues about the latest developments in research and the dissemination of our results. For this reason we are regularly attending trade fairs and conferences and present our institute at a booth or in a lecture.

We also organize our own or participate in various workshops or seminars to share our expertise with other. In cooperation with the High Performance Center Simulation and Software Based Innovation, we also frequently offer further education and training courses at our institute.

Upcoming Events

  • Brussels / October 05, 2022 - October 06, 2022

    Open Innovation Faciliation in Horizon Europe

    Logo VIPCOAT

    The workshop is based on ideas from a joint position paper of the three collaborating »Open Innovations Platform« projects VIPCOAT, OpenModel and MUSICODE. Our colleague Dr. Peter Klein from the division »Optimization« will be present on site as part of the workshop committee.

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  • Munich / October 06, 2022 - October 07, 2022

    herCAREER-Expo 2022

    Köpfe und Karriere
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    The herCAREER-Expo supports women in their professional environment. The trade fair stands for gender equality: Whether entering or advancing in a job or founding a company – the herCAREER-Expo offers numerous opportunities for a direct exchange of experiences with experts and personalities from business, science, culture, politics, and the media. Our colleague Elisabeth Wagner-Weig from the Human Resources Department will represent the Fraunhofer ITWM on site. In addition, other Fraunhofer Institutes will be represented.

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  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik ITWM / October 10, 2022 - October 14, 2022

    MINT-EC-Girls-Camp – Math-Talent-School 2022

    Projektgruppe E-Mobilität
    © Fraunhofer ITWM

    In our Math Talent School, female students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in workshops and with individual mentoring, and to work in teams on real applied math challenges.

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  • Leipzig / October 11, 2022 - October 12, 2022

    27th Working Meeting – User Group Company Pension

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    Dr. Matthias Herzog, Head of Department »Debeka« and Dr. Stefan Mai, Management Team »Produktinformationsstelle Altersvorsorge« at Fraunhofer ITWM, will give a german tandem lecture followed by a discussion on the topic »Transparency Initiative – Making bAV Products More Comparable«.

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  • Verbundenheit
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    The conference will focus on new testing methods in combination with numerical simulation, issues related to the value chain and the sustainable development of components up to the end of life of the components. Our colleagues Dr. Michael Burger and Dr. Michael Speckert from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will be present with a booth and a presentation.

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  • Leipzig / October 13, 2022 - October 14, 2022

    34. Working Meeting – User Group Solvency II

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    Prof. Dr. Ralf Korn, Consultant at our Institute and Founder of the Department »Financial Mathematics« and Dr. Stefan Mai, Business Area Developer »Retirement Provision and Life Insurance« and Customer Management of the Department »Financial Mathematics« give a tandem lecture on the topic »Solvency Capital Estimation with Linear Regressions and Neural Networks«.

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  • Versicherungsforen Leipzig GmbH / October 18, 2022 - October 19, 2022

    Insurance Forum »Data Driven Insurance«

    Diagramm Data Science
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    The conference is aimed at specialists and managers from insurance companies. It offers insights into the data-driven transformation of the insurance industry and highlights areas for action. Dominik Loroch from the »High Performance Computing« division, together with two representatives of the GENERALI insurance company, will give a presentation entitled »Use (this Solvency II) Case! NASaaS trifft auf Least Squares Monte Carlo«.

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  • Düsseldorf / October 19, 2022 - October 26, 2022

    K Fair 2022

    K-Messe Logo
    © K-Messe

    »K« is the world's leading trade fair and leading business platform for the plastics and rubber industry. Here, representatives of industry and research from all over the world present innovative perspectives and solutions for the future. Our ITWM-colleague Dr. Joachim Jonuscheit from the department »Material Characterization and Testing« will represent us on site, at the Fraunhofer joint booth (hall 7.0, booth SC01). Terahertz measurement technology will be presented as a means of non-destructive testing and paint thickness measurement on plastics (pipes) and paints.

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  • Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM Fraunhofer-Platz 1, 67663 Kaiserslautern  / November 04, 2022, from 8.30 AM till 3.30 PM

    Day of Process Engineering

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    The interdisciplinary exchange of expertise between the TU Kaiserslautern and departments of the Fraunhofer ITWM will take place on November 4, 2022. The event is organized by the High Performance Center Simulation and Software Based Innovation.

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  • Bad Nauheim, Germany / November 07, 2022 - November 08, 2022

    Car Body Painting

    Layer Thickness Measurement
    © Fraunhofer ITWM

    The Car Body Painting Workshop and Exhibition will revolve around the topic of car body painting. Dr. Joachim Jonuscheit, deputy head of the department »Materials Characterization and Testing«, will be on site to present our exhibit on terahertz measurement technology for non-destructive inline coating thickness measurement. Early detection of a faulty painting process (too much or too little paint) avoids the cost-, time- and energy-intensive reworking of numerous bodies and thus makes an important contribution to sustainable production.

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Upcoming Fairs and Conferences

We are regularly on site with our experts at trade fairs and conferences.