Fields of Application

In our divisions and departments we work with the following methodological fields:

  • Data Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Optimization
  • Quality Assurance / Risk Management

However, since this meta-level gives little insight into our practical work, we have summarized example industries and our competences in the following.

We have picked out some overarching »trend topics« on and with which all divisions and departments of the Institute work

  • Machine Learning
  • Renewable Energies and Sustainability
  • Medicine and Biotechnology
  • Vehicle Development
  • Textile Industry

We also work in various projects in the following areas cross-departmental and in cooperation with other institutes:

  • Smart Farming and Agriculture
  • Programmable Materials
  • Quantum Optics

Machine Learning

In our work we research on the architecture and the further development of neural networks and systematically implement these methods in example projects.


AI Initiative Rhineland-Palatinate

AI Pilot for Mobility

Our head of institute, Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel, has been appointed AI Pilot for Mobility by the Ministry of Science, Further Education and Culture.


Quantum Computing

In co-operation with IBM Germany, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is establishing a national competence network in the research field of quantum computing. Our institute now also has a regional competence centre.


Next Generation Computing

Digitization is bringing with it a flood of data that we will soon no longer be able to handle efficiently with today's computer systems. It is time for a new hybrid computing generation: Next Generation Computing (NGC). Fraunhofer brought the first quantum computer to Germany in November. We are in the process of researching which problems we will solve better with quantum computers in the future and which will be better solved with other architectures.


Renewable Energies and Sustainability

In many projects and areas we are concerned with making our lives more sustainable and environmentally friendly.



We support to the automotive industry, from the simulation of tires, cables or hoses to driving simulation, durability or the evaluation of load and environmental data.



We use mathematical methods for a wide range of applications in the textile industry. Next to the classic material simulation, we also analyze and optimize spinning processes or inspect leather for faults and quality.


Medicine and Healthcare

We use mathematical methods in many medical fields and thus improve the survival chances of patients. Whether it is monitoring premature infants or creating the optimal therapy plan, our tools and research can help.


Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project COGNAC

Smart Farming

In the Fraunhofer lighthouse project we work on the optimization of agricultural processes through modern methods of data analysis or Machine Learning.


Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is one of our cross-departmental core competencies on various levels. In particular, we work with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Keywords here are Machine Learning (ML), neural networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) as a communication and data network.


Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project QUILT

Quantum Optics

The Fraunhofer lighthouse project QUILT combines the expertise in quantum optical applications research.


Functional Materials

By functional materials we mean materials that are characterized by special fluidic and thermomechanical properties and/or additionally electrical, magnetic, acoustic, optical and biochemical properties. We use mathematical methods for a wide range of applications of functional materials. These include, for example, our Programmable Materials.


Highlight Projects in Our Annual Report

In our annual report, the departments present their current highlights and best projects.


Current DFG Projects

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) regularly promotes and finances the best research projects. Various projects of our institute have also been selected.