Integrated Digital Solutions for Oncology

Project DECIDE: Digital Consulting, Data Integration, Decision Making and Empowerment.

Modern medicine is characterized by interdisciplinary and intersectoral patient care. Physicians from different fields from multiple medical institutions collaborate in the planning and application of individualized therapies. Extensive data exchange and close cooperative interaction require high-level digital networking. The project goal of DECIDE is to develop a web platform for secure data integration, telemedical communication and collaborative therapy discovery for oncology.

Individualized Therapy Planning via a Web Platform

Physicians in private practice will be able to use this platform to exchange information with university physicians about the best possible treatment. They will be supported in their planning by AI processes. Cancer patients are enabled to record their vital data with a sensor system and receive psychological and sports medicine support via a mobile application, thus actively contributing to the progress of their therapy. The web platform is the basis for this networking between the university medicine and the practices in ambulant care. It enables the legally compliant exchange of - and handling of - patient data and supports communication and cooperation between physicians in relation to cases.

Decision Support, AI-Based Data Analytics and Patient Empowerment.

The platform also provides the technological basis for therapy planning and case data analysis. Here, digitally assisted therapy planning uses methods of sequential and multi-criteria decision support and rule-based systems. Physicians are thus supported in time-consuming and error-prone work steps by digital assistance functionality. The data analysis uses AI methods for the extraction of empirical knowledge from current cases and thus enables an empirically motivated further development of clinical procedures. Patients can use a webservice or smartphone app to contact their physicians via the web platform and obtain appropriate information related to their disease and therapy. This enables cancer patients to empower themselves in a medically quality-assured way. Through self-determination, the individual should be motivated to actively deal with his or her disease, to better cope with it and to jointly decide on the treatment with the person treating him or her.

Project Partner

  • University Medicine of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
  • Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
  • MCS Data Labs GmbH

The project is funded by the program »Digitale FortschrittsHubs Gesundheit« of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.