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Podcast and Article Fraunhofer Magazine / 5.1.2022

Combat Billing Fraud in the Care Sector

In the Fraunhofer podcast and in the Fraunhofer magazine, Dr. Stephani and Dr. Leoff explain the challenges that have to be overcome in the project »PflegeForensik« (nursing care forensics) when auditing accounts and how time-consuming it is to uncover fraud.


Podcast »Im Hier und Morgen« / 16.12.2021

Understanding AI with Dr. Henrike Stephani

Our researcher Dr. Henrike Stephani was a guest on the German  science podcast »Im Hier und Morgen« (In the Here and Tomorrow), where she reports on how mathematics contributes to automation, what machine vision can create, how this all has to do with mobility and on top of that, it's also about quantum computing. »Anyone can understand how AI works,«  she promises. 

Career Information Event / 9.12.2021

Career Speed Dating with Fraunhofer ITWM

Career Speed Dating is a blend of job interview and speed dating. In eight minutes, applicants and potential employers find out whether they are a good match for each other while the clock is ticking.

Our colleague Dr. Petra Gospodnetić from the »Image Processing« department is on site for our institute at this event and is looking forward to meeting open-minded, international students.


New Project


In the SynosIs project, we are working with our research partners to develop an inspection system based on artificial intelligence (AI) that detects defects on surfaces quickly and automatically.


Press Release / 1.10.2021

Using Artificial Intelligence to Combat Billing Fraud in the Care Sector

Together with the Dresden Public Prosecutor's Office and the Leipzig Police Department, researchers at Fraunhofer ITWM are taking action against billing fraud in nursing care. In the BMBF project »PflegeForensik« (Care Forensics), we are developing AI software that supports criminal prosecution.


Press Release / 20.9.2021

Improve Infection Control Clothing

Nonwoven production received more attention than ever before from the general public in Corona times, because the technical textile is crucial for infection protection. The ultra-fine nonwoven products are manufactured in so-called meltblown processes. A cross-departmental team is optimizing the entire production chain in the »ProQuIV« project. 


Press Release and Podcast / 20.8.2021

Targeted Aid in the Event of a Disaster

In a disaster every second counts in providing humanitarian aid to those in need. The teams of aid organisations are under immense pressure to find their way in devastated areas. A team from our institute is developing software that will get humanitarian aid to the right destination faster. To do this, they use drone images that are evaluated in real time with Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Wood Species Identification Using AI

In the research project, we are developing automatic image recognition systems for determining wood species using artificial intelligence in cooperation with the Thünen Institute for Wood Research in Hamburg.


For working at industrial and research projects, the department Image Processing is always looking for


  • We offer internships to students and apprentices in technical or natural scientific area
  • As your work requires a period of vocational adjustment, we can only offer internships of one month or longer


BSc/MSc and Diploma Students

  • in mathematically motivated image processing, stochastical geometry and spatial statistic
  • Your field of study is not restricted to mathematics or computer science, but students of physics, engineering or related areas are also invited to apply. We supervise your thesis in cooperation with your university or university of applied sciences (German "Hochschule")


PhD Students

  • We are permanently looking for PhD students. PhD students will gain scholarships according to the DFG guidance.

Current Events

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Control Virtual 2021 – International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance

Running since 2021/05/05 

Also this year, Control 2021 will take place virtually. In the digital showroom, our department will inform about the new developments in the field of automated view planning for complex surface inspection.

You can find more information here.