Mainz and Online / Hybrid Conference  /  July 10, 2024  -  July 11, 2024

Curious 2024 Future Insight Conference

The conference brings together scientists and innovators to present and discuss the latest developments in areas such as health, Artificial Intelligence, synthetic biology and sustainable energy.

Experts from the department »Image Processing« and the division »Optimization« will present exciting results with their poster on the topic »AI-Based Wood Species Detection in Paper and Fiber Materials for the Control of Global Deforestation«.

In our project »KI-WOOD«, researchers are developing automatic image recognition systems in cooperation with the Thünen Institute of Wood Research in Hamburg to determine wood species using artificial intelligence in order to prevent the import and spread of illegal wood species and to implement the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in this regard. This requires, among other things, a clear determination of the wood species in the various materials and products made of wood. Our research supports this.