Amperix – A Central Energy Hub

The multi-vendor compatible energy management system Amperix establishes an energy hub for households and industry with its optimized control of battery storage systems, heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles. All energy flows in a household are recorded by the Amperix as a basis for decision making for control. These include, for example:   

  • the generation of energy through photovoltaic systems
  • the demand or feed-in of energy from or into the grid
  • larger consumers such as a heat pump or an electric vehicles

Via the myPowerGrid web platform, the user can access these energy flows at any time, which are displayed transparently using graphics and data analyses.

Sector Coupling of Electricity, Heat and Electro-Mobility

Especially in the summer months, significant energy surplus occur despite the battery storage. We can use them, for example, to heat the hot water buffer with a heat pump or to charge electric vehicles. The wishes of the residents are factored in when the electric vehicle should be charged up for departure. Besides the intelligent analysis of current measurement data, the Amperix also processes yield forecasts for rooftop photovoltaic systems (see also PVCAST), as well as load forecasts for household and heat pump consumption. These forecasts allow for a better use of available flexibility in the home.

Amperix Is Not Only Suitable for Private Households

The Amperix is vender-independent and compatible with common products. New components easily fit in the existing infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Amperix not only reliably controls home storage devices, but also large industrial storage systems. The Amperix enables the integration of different systems into an internet platform, which forsters the implementation of new business models by facilitating the visualization and management of customer systems as well as the creation of virtual, large-scale battery systems.


Application in the myPowerGrid Platform

IIn connection with the myPowerGrid platform, Amperix opens the way for new business models. The web platform offers an easy-to-use infrastructure for optimized, forecast-based management of decentralized generation and storage systems.

Amperix: a central energy hub
© Fraunhofer ITWM
The Amperix is connected to energy meters and controllable devices on-site and to the myPowerGrid platform securely over the Internet. Intelligent control algorithms enable optimized operation of all connected devices.

In addition to the energy management system Amperix, myPowerGrid also uses the PVCAST forecasting service, which enables reliable prediction of the production of a photovoltaic system over the next seven days. In cooperation with Stadtwerke Speyer, we were already able to use the myPowerGrid platform in the major GreenPowerGrid project. The focus here is on setting up a decentralized system of photovoltaic plants and battery storage units, consisting of approximately 120 separate installations. This project forms the basis for a regional green electricity supply.