Accounting Audit

In the course of the digitalization of processes, new possibilities arise for efficiently checking billing transactions. In the past, we have already developed auditing methodology and software for several industries and are working closely with the automotive industry, health care industry and public administration on new algorithms in ongoing projects.

Example Projects


Pflegeforensik: With AI Against Billing Fraud

In the »PflegeForensik« project, we are developing AI software to combat billing fraud.


Criminal Networks: Combating Billing Fraud

In the project we are researching the identification of anomalies in fraud networks using artificial intelligence (AI).


Data-Science in the Automotiv Industry

Data science and machine learning are essential technologies for optimizing processes and financial products in the automotive industry of the future.


Fraud and Anomaly Detection

Mathematical-statistical procedures make an important contribution to uncovering fraudulent activities and to quantify corresponding risks from fraud.


Billing Fraud in Health Care

Our goal is the evaluation of guaranteed damage in billing fraud in the health care sector.



Under the title »EP-KI: Entscheidungsunterstützung für betriebswirtschaftliche Prozesse mit Hilfe neuer KI-Methoden« works a team at the interface of business administration and artificial intelligence (AI).

Suitable Topics of Our Doctoral Students and Post-Docs

Detection of abnormalities by means of autoencoders

It researches Robert Sicks.

Network based analysis and visualization of billing data

It researches Dr. Marsha Kleinbauer