RODOS ® – RObot based Driving and Operation Simulator

Interactive simulation with RODOS
Interactive simulation with RODOS

In the vehicle design durability and reliability must be examined and validated at very early stages of the project. To map the relevant processes in the simulation correctly, all external influences have to be considered in the vehicle. These include the driver and the driver assistance systems that affect the control loop "vehicle control". The driver reaction has to be considered in any case to ensure operability and usability of new automation and assistance systems.

Prototype tests under real conditions and for all possible types of use and operator are impractical both for reasons of cost and because of the relatively poor reproducibility. The use of prototypes at early stages of development is often not possible because of the modularity of the development. Therefore, the best solution from a technical and financial perspective represents an interactive simulator to assess complex situations in combination with the driver's influence under highly reproducible conditions and without risk.

For this reason, we have designed an interactive motion simulator based on an industrial robot at the ITWM. RODOS® allows with 1000kg payload the use of series cabs and chassis, so that the feel and haptic impression is close to real vehicles. Within a spherical projection dome with 10 m diameter seamless projection of an interactive scene is generated. The range of motion of the robot system is very large compared to conventional hexapod platforms.

RODOS® with Passat
RODOS® with Passat

Powerful Driving Simulator

RODOS® is currently the most powerful driving simulator of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. It is used for the simulation and testing of driver-vehicle-environment interaction under excellent reproducible conditions. Since 2012, driving simulations have been carried out in both the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors to support product development from design to evaluation, thus building up expert opinions on the use and assessment of assistance systems.

A special research interest of our institute are the influencing factors of the driver’s behavior observed in the simulator depending on the individual reactions to the simulator. This includes both the simulator sickness potential and the subjective experience of the drivers. In this context, there is extensive expertise in the optimal consideration of these reactions starting from the planning and modeling of the driving scenarios to the implementation and evaluation of the driving simulation. This includes numerous investigations on the driver’s behavior in emergency situations.

RODOS® Technical Data

  • Design and construction time: 2009 – 2012
  • 18 projectors for all-round visibility in the projection dome (diameter: 10 meters)
  • Resolution: 11.520 × 3.600 Pixels
  • Six-axis industrial robot enables wide field of maneuver and large tilt angle
  • Interchangeable cabins (currently: excavators, cars, tractors)
  • Payload: 1.000 kg


We can implement the following projects with RODOS® for you:

  • Testing and validation of new assistance and automation systems in interactive simulation
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of driving simulator studies
  • Development and testing of new HMI solutions for passenger cars, trucks and work machines
  • Simulations of off-road drives can be reproduced without scaling the tilt angles

Video: High-End Interactive Simulation with RODOS®

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