C++ User Group Kaiserslautern

The C++ User Group is taking a creative break and is currently in the process of finding a location in the city center. The next meeting is expected to take place this quarter. If you are interested in exchanging ideas about the C++ programming language, please contact us.

Our division »High Computing Performance« initiates and hosts a user group meeting at Fraunhofer ITWM to talk about topics related to C++ programming and the associated tooling environments (e.g. compilers, creation tools). In addition to lectures and open discussion sessions, workshops and tutorials are also planned. The meetings offer participants the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with each other.

Everyone interested in the C++ programming language is invited to the user group meetings – whether students, PhD students, professors or software developers – all C++ enthusiasts who want to exchange ideas with like-minded people.



In addition to employees of our division, interested external parties can also give a lecture in our seminar series. We are always open to suggestions, ideas or requests.


In addition to the website with current information we offer a mailing list: to the registration

General Information About the Dates 2023

The seminar will take place every eight weeks on Tuesdays from April 2023. Titles and further dates will be added in the course of the year.

The program of the seminar series varies according to the interests of the participants. The meetings combine best-practice presentations, open discussion rounds, workshops or tutorials.

Dates 2023

Date Title Speaker
25.04.2023 to the Seminar M. Sc. Max Zeyen (Fraunhofer ITWM, Division »High Performance Computing«)
27.06.2023 to the Seminar M. Sc. Max Zeyen (Fraunhofer ITWM, Division »High Performance Computing«)
29.08.2023 The appointment is cancelled. M. Sc. Max Zeyen (Fraunhofer ITWM, Division »High Performance Computing«)