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The entries of our »Streuspanne Lexicon« are not regular podcast episodes, but a separate section to briefly and concisely explain a mathematical term in an understandable way. If you have stumbled across a term in one of our Streuspanne episodes that is not yet explained in this lexicon, please contact us.


B for Binomial Distribution

Why do you need the binomial distribution and what is it anyway?

As usual: explained briefly and clearly – in under five minutes.


C for Confidence Interval

The confidence interval is a range in which an unknown parameter is assumed to lie. The wider this range is, the more likely it is that the unknown value will be covered.


E for Estimate

What is the mathematical definition of an estimate? And how can I even define something so »imprecise«? In the »Streuspanne-Lexicon«, the team explains briefly and concisely using the example of the coin toss.


M for Monty Hall Problem

What considerations play a role in probability theory and what does game theory have to say in this context?

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