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The entries of our »Streuspanne Lexicon« are not regular podcast episodes, but a separate section to briefly and concisely explain a mathematical term in an understandable way. If you have stumbled across a term in one of our Streuspanne episodes that is not yet explained in this lexicon, please contact us. [This podcast is only available in German]


B for Binomial Distribution

Why do you need the binomial distribution and what is it anyway?

As usual: explained briefly and clearly – in under five minutes.


D for Degrees of Freedom

In statistics, degrees of freedom describe the number of independent pieces of information that are included in an estimate. 


C for Confidence Interval

The confidence interval is a range in which an unknown parameter is assumed to lie. The wider this range is, the more likely it is that the unknown value will be covered.


C for Critical Values

Critical values are used to determine the significance of results in statistical analyses. They therefore help to determine whether an observed effect is based on chance or is actually significant.


E for Estimate

What is the mathematical definition of an estimate? And how can I even define something so »imprecise«? In the »Streuspanne-Lexicon«, the team explains briefly and concisely using the example of the coin toss.


M for Mean and M for Median

Why aren't all »means« the same?

As usual: explained briefly and clearly – in under five minutes.


M for Monty Hall Problem

What considerations play a role in probability theory and what does game theory have to say in this context?

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