Filtration and Separation

The area »Filtration and Separation« is devoted to the development of specialized mathematical models, algorithms and simulation techniques for the computer-aided study and optimization of separation processes. In particular, our activities include filter media and filter elements, adsorption, reactive flows, fractionation and the coupling of CFD and structural mechanics simulations.

Many results of our research and developments are bundled in own software developments, e.g. the simulation tools FiltEST and PoreChem. Futhermore, we offer simulation services and consulting.


Example Projects



In the project "AVATOR" – Anti-Virus Aerosol: Testing, Operation, Reduction, we are collaborating with several Fraunhofer institutes to investigate ways of reducing the risk of infection by aerosol-borne viruses in enclosed rooms. 


ResKin – Simulation of Processes in Reservoir Rock

The prediction of chemical reactions and their kinetics in reservoir rocks is the focus of the project. We support the simulation of these processes with our software tools.


Chromatography with Spherical Beads

In the BMBF joint research project AMSCHA, we develop models for the simulation of separation processes of protein and cell suspensions.


Simulation of Diesel Particulate Filter

Fraunhofer ITWM cooperates with Robert Bosch GmbH to develop innovative particle filtering systems for the exhaust gas system of diesel vehicles.


Computer-Aided Optimization of Filter Pleats

Pleated filters are a widely used and intensively studied design concept in filtration.


Nano Meltblown Fibers

The project NaBlo aims to reduce the exposure to fine dust particles by new filter systems based on nano fiber meltblown media. 


Deformation of Filter Media

We have been working on the adequate modeling and simulation of the deformation of filter materials for many years.


Simulation of asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation

Separation of nano- and microparticles in solutions and dispersions.


Analysis and Optimization of Paper Machine Clothings

The behaviour of press felts is analyzed and simulated at the Fraunhofer ITWM.