Grid-Free Methods

The Finite Pointset Method (FPM), which has been developed in the department, is an individual, independent basic software for simulation tasks in a wide area of flow and continuum mechanical problems. FPM is a particle method, i. e. a grid-free method which, in contrast to classical numerical methods, such as Finite Elements or Finite Volumes, does not require a grid or mesh.

Thus, it can excellently be applied in the case of all time-dependent problems, where grid-based methods reach their limits due to the necessary remeshing. 

Examples are:

  • fluid dynamical problems with free surfaces, 
  • multiphase flows, 
  • fluid-structure interactions with a strong change of the computing domain, 
  • or structure mechanical problems with substantial structure changes.

Example Projects


Project Website with Video

MESHFREE: »Getting to the Points«

MESHFREE is our innovative software product for the grid-free simulation of physical processes. Steffen Hagmann from Porsche, one of the project partners, explains how they use the software in vehicle development. Our expert Isabel Michel and expert Jörg Kuhnert explain in which other areas MESHFREE is used.


SimuSTART – Easy Access to Numerical Simulations

We develop a solution tailored to SMEs that will facilitate entry into MESHFREE and the world of grid-free simulation.


PATHS - Pathlet Animation Tool for Hydrogeological Simulations


FPM for the Simulation of Flow Problems during Glass Production

Flow problems during glass production were simulated in different projects for the company Schott Glas.


Airbag Deployment

In cooperation with the company ESI, we develop a software tool for the producers of automobiles and airbags.


Refueling of Motor Vehicles

We worked on the development of a simulation tool for the refueling processes of motor vehicles based on the finite pointset method (FPM).