Grid-Free Methods

In contrast to classical numerical methods such as finite elements or finite volumes, meshfree methods do not require a grid and thus no - sometimes very time-consuming - meshing of the flow domain. We develop a general continuum mechanical approach based on a Generalized Finite Difference Method (GFDM), also known as Finite Pointset Method (FPM). In addition to common fluid dynamic processes, this approach can model a wide variety of nonlinear physical phenomena such as non-Newtonian fluids and other complex materials.

The fluid dynamic properties (e.g. velocity, pressure, temperature) are stored on freely positionable information carriers (the so-called point cloud), which are moved with the flow in case of time-dependent problems. Therefore, this approach is perfectly suited for all problems where mesh-based methods reach their limits due to the necessary remeshing.

Examples are:

  • fluid dynamical problems with free surfaces
  • multiphase flows
  • fluid-structure-interactions (FSI) with strong changes in the computational domain
  • structural mechanical problems with substantial structural changes

Meanwhile, this approach exists in a compressible and an incompressible variant, each of which can be extended modularly. Furthermore, a separate discrete element solver is integrated, which can be coupled with the incompressible solver, for example.

Example Projects



In the project "AVATOR" – Anti-Virus Aerosol: Testing, Operation, Reduction, we are collaborating with several Fraunhofer institutes to investigate ways of reducing the risk of infection by aerosol-borne viruses in enclosed rooms. 


Project SpraySim

Simulate Spray Jet Cleaning Without a Grid

Together with our project partner Fraunhofer IVV, the SpraySim project focuses on the simulation of spray jet cleaning.


Project Website with Video

MESHFREE: »Getting to the Points«

MESHFREE is our innovative software product for the grid-free simulation of physical processes. Steffen Hagmann from Porsche, one of the project partners, explains how they use the software in vehicle development. Our expert Isabel Michel and expert Jörg Kuhnert explain in which other areas MESHFREE is used.


SimuSTART – Easy Access to Numerical Simulations

We develop a solution tailored to SMEs that will facilitate entry into MESHFREE and the world of grid-free simulation.


PATHS - Pathlet Animation Tool for Hydrogeological Simulations


FPM for the Simulation of Flow Problems during Glass Production

Flow problems during glass production were simulated in different projects for the company Schott Glas.


Airbag Deployment

In cooperation with the company ESI, we develop a software tool for the producers of automobiles and airbags.


Refueling of Motor Vehicles

We worked on the development of a simulation tool for the refueling processes of motor vehicles based on the finite pointset method (FPM).