Analog Insydes

The intelligent symbolic design system for heterogeneous nets

Analog Insydes
Analog Insydes

Analog Insydes is a Mathematica-Toolbox for the modeling, analysis and the design of heterogeneous networks, for example of analogue electronic circuits, customized for industrial applications.

Based on a hierarchical netlist specification, it is possible to constitute linear and non-linear circuits as well as regulator systems and to generate the related system of equations in the frequency and time range automatically. A unique feature of Analog Insydes is its capability to calculate approximated symbolic formula for linear and non-linear circuit characteristics, which reduces the complexity of the symbolic terms drastically while user-defined borders can be maintained.

In addition, this can be used to generate reduced behavior models of micro-electrical circuits. Furthermore, it is possible to use the strenghts of Analog Insydes in the analysis of heterogenous networks of other application areas e.g. energy distribution grids or mechatronic systems. This already has been demonstrated successfully multiple times.

With its import- and export capabilities, Analog Insydes can be integrated in the industrial design process very well. For example, netlists, simulation data and network schemata can be imported into Analog Insydes.


Comprehensive model library

A extensive library of symbolic models of electronic components, including diverse transitor types, in different complexity levels are being at your disposal. This collection can be expanded and customized by the user arbitrary using the flexible Analog Insydes modeling language.

Thanks to numerical analysis tools such as AC, DC, transfer, transient or pole zero-point analyzes as well as many graphics commands designed for electronic applications such as Bodeplots or root locus curves, results in Analog Insydes can easily be verified.


Tools in the circuit and behavioral analysis

The combination of the the unique symbolic approximation method with numerical and graphical commands makes Analog Insydes a versatile tool in the circuit and behavioral analysis.

Furthermore, Analog Insydes is the perfect tool for education of engineers. The amount of simple linear elements (including all of the controlled source types), the symbolic system modeling and the full access on construction elements and circuit equations allow an overview which other software tools can't provide.